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Focalluc South Africa – High-quality Makeup

Focalluc South Africa, Why Our Brand?

Finding affordable, cruelty-free makeup that is high-quality can be a challenge. This is why we created FOCALLURE. Along being affordable, we try to provide the latest products, so you can stay on trend without needing to spend a lot of money.

FOCALLURE is different from many other makeup brands.  We focus on providing products that we stand behind, so we take the time to test all the products that we sell on our website. Here are some other ways that FOCALLURE is different from other brands.

High-Quality Products

There is nothing worse than ordering or buying products that do not work. We believe that brands should have good products, at affordable prices. This is why FOCALLURE takes the time to test all of our products to make sure that each product is high-quality.

We avoid offering products that do not work or only work if they are used in a very specific way. Beauty should be simple, so it should not take hours to try to figure out how to use the product.


Products were designed by influencer and fans. New products update each week.Almost all the makeup brand develop products by a long process which may took at least 8 months but not us FOCALLURE. Such as 1. Marketing research; 2.Design; 3.Looking for supplier; 4.Develop; 5.Testing; 6.Producing; 7.Transfer to distributor; 8.Retail to customers.

Product Inspirations

Our design is based on the California style. California Bay Area, a long coastline, where the Pacific Ocean current brings the warm, humid air to here. The average temperature all the year in here is about 18 degrees Celsius. The beautiful sunshine brings the energy to California, which brings charm to the girls who here.

FOCALLURE develop our products in California by our consultants, the more than 50 influencers. Most of them are from everywhere of California. They bring the beauty inspirations to us. We get the latest trendy from Hollywood and the SNS. The stars and the influencers will tell the world what is trendy.

No Animal Testing

Animal testing is very common in the makeup industries. In the past, animal testing was done to see if ingredients were safe for humans. Today, animal testing is no longer needed as we have better methods to determine if a product is dangerous for humans. Most brands available in the drugstore test on animals. Our products are cruelty-free and around the same prices as drugstore brands because we believe in keeping our prices low.

Beauty is not luxury. That is the concept we want to pass to all the girls. We aim to provide the latest and best cruelty-free products, without the high price tags that other brand charge.

Wallet Friendly

We spent most cost on our products and shipping and we believe that the advertising, distributing cost, stocking and the celebrity endorsements are the unnecessary cost. So we have the affordable price to our customers.

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